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Zanier Heat ZX 3.0 Heated Mittens

Women's Heat ZX 3.0 Heated Mittens


Zanier Heat ZX 3.0 Heated Mittens. The ZANIER Heat Technology is based on highly developed textile heat elements and a unique electronic control system.
The robust lithium ion batteries which weigh just 60 g provide heat at three different levels for up to ten hours. They are concealed in the HEAT.ZX 3.0 cuff and you can hardly feel them. The mitten heating system is easy to operate with a single switch on the battery. The flame shaped light shows the chosen heating level (yellow, orange, red) and shines through the perforated upper material. The supplied USB charger unit recharges the batteries overnight.


  • Shell: 4-way-stretch waterproof, breathable fabric and goatskin leather
  • Palm: goatskin leather
  • ATC: A special reinforcement on the critical point between thumb and index finger
  • MLS: Optimum insulation for more warmth and differentiated multi layer liner for more comfort.
  • MPC: Pre-formed fingers for a better fit and inner hand leather reinforcement for higher durability.
  • SSP: In combination with MPC we put a special protection on the edge of the index fingers.